Fall Kick Off Qualifer, September 13-14, 2014
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Welcome To GameDay USSSA 

Our mission at Gameday Sports is to provide today's young athlete with the best possible baseball experience!  Gameday Sports hosts USSSA baseball events in Columbia / Lexington SC, Upstate SC, Rock Hill SC, and Lowcountry, SC/Eastern, GA. By hosting such a wide variety of events and locations, we are able to offer our teams a more competitive experience regardless of classification level.  Please look through our website because there is a lot of great information.  You will find resources such as breaking news in the news ticker, the featured items and other baseball related news sources just to the right. We have spent much time pulling together all of the best baseball products, equipment and apparel to enable you, our players, coaches and parents access to purchase at the lowest possible prices. 

We look forward to serving you in your Travel Baseball Experience!

  Jason Gross
  SC State Director/Gameday USSSA Executive Director


2014 Jay Criscione Super NIT

2014 Jay Criscione Super NIT
For Complete information click on the 2014 Super NIT Logo @ the top of the page.

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Myrtle Beach Sports Events
For Myrtle Beach Sports Tournaments visit www.myrtlebeachsports.org  They have a wide variety of events to choose from in the Coastal region of South Carolina!! More »
No Steel/Metal Cleats on Portable Mounds

There is to be no Steel/Metal Cleats on Portable Mounds @ Any Events!

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 **For information on all of these exciting programs contact Todd Doughty @ 803-331-4817 or todd@edgecolumbia.com**

1- EDGE 360


EDGE 360 is the total package. It is an intense training program that covers all aspects of athletic development. Our progression of training provides the proper foundation an athlete needs prior to performing intense, high-impact exercises. Plyometric and Olympic lifting will be used in this advanced sports performance program.
The program will focus on the proper foundation of strength, postural and joint stability, body control, and conditioning. Enrollment is limited.
Classes offered Monday through Thursday and Saturday morning. You can sign up HERE


2-EDGE FAST (Functional Speed and Agility)


The Edge Speed and Agility class will teach the proper running mechanics and skills that are necessary to achieve maximum speed and quickness. Linear, lateral and multi-directional skills will be the focus of the class. Core strength and a injury prevention program will be incorporated into every class as the athletes build a solid base for training. Every step counts, are you missing one?
Regardless of your sport speed and agility training is needed - baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, etc.
Classes offered Monday through Thursday and Saturday morning. You can sign up HERE


3- Small Group Training


Looking to train in a small group with teammates? EDGE Columbia is now offering Small Group training. Training is limited to a minimum of 2, a MAXIMUM of 5 athletes. Get more specialized training to take you to that next level. Small group sessions offer the ability to incorporate more variety due to limited class size.

Sessions are by appointment and last one hour. Minimum of two (2) athletes required.


4 - EDGE Strong


All too often, young athletes are given incorrect or no instruction regarding proper weight training. Weight training is crucial to boosting athletic performance. EDGE Strong provides the proper instruction for weight training techniques to both increase athletic performance and prevent non-contact related injuries (ACL, UCL etc).

Sessions are Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30 or by appointment , limited to 6 athletes and last 1 hour; 2 sessions per week. MUST be at least 12 years old to enroll..


5 - Throwing Mechanics


More and more young baseball players encounter throwing injuries. Most of these occur due to lack of proper throwing mechanics. Athletes will learn to utilize their body efficiently to produce maximum power/velocity with less effort greatly reducing their risk of inury, particularly to their throwing arms. Sessions are by appointment and last one hour; $40/session limited to 6 participants per session


6 - EDGE Bootcamp


Whether you're looking to lose weight/inches or just inject another element to your current exercise program, EDGE Bootcamp is what you're looking for. EDGE instructors will put you through a variety of exercises to facilitate that lifestyle change or performance boost you're looking for.


Classes meet Mon 10:00-11:00 AM and 7:30-8:30 PM; Tue/Thu 7:30-8:30 PM and Wed 2:00-3:00 PM. ; choose any three


 **Edge Training in Columbia also offers FREE EVALUATIONS**



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