Global World Series Format


                                 Open to all Classifications

Elite 32 World Series participating teams are ineligible to play

-Ages 7 - 14

-Limited to 24 teams per age group

-Pool play followed by championship play.

-Teams will play an average of 6 games

-Champions of the 3 divisions will be crowned World Series Champion
-Teams earn World Series USSSA Points

All teams will play 4 games within pool play. After pool play is complete, teams will be seeded 1 - 24 and placed into a championship bracket (if 24 Teams applicable). Seeding for championship play is based on USSSA pool play / tie breaker criteria. 
Pool seeding is based on: 1) USSSA Classification, 2) USSSA Points, 3) Geographical location. 
The tournament director has the final decision on seeding teams into pool play. 

Teams will play four (4) pool games. The top two teams from each pool will advance to 
the Red Championship bracket while the middle two teams advance to the White
Championship bracket and the bottom two teams to the Blue Championship bracket.




Red Championship

White Championship

Blue Championship


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